This is what you will need if the billiard table is already in the room and you need it professionally set up, leveled, and the felt put on it. If you need us to carry the pool table up stairs, there will be an additional cost of $30. We will only move 1 piece slates up or down stairs under certain conditions and for an additional charge. We are the premium Atlanta pool table installers.

Pool Table Installation Pricing

pool table installers atlanta

7' & 8' New pool table install when the table is already at the customer's home                
  • $195.00 (customer has felt)
  • w/ Championship 21oz. when table is at customer's home    $315.00 (we supply felt)
  • w/ Simonis 760 or 860 HR when table is at customer's home $395.00 (we supply felt)
  • when we pick up and deliver from a store location                $225.00 (customer has felt)
  • when P.U. @ store and delivered w/ Championship 21 oz.       $345.00 (we supply felt)
  • when P.U. @ store and delivered w/ Simonis 760 or 860 HR   $425.00 (we supply felt)
  • 9' 3pc. pool tables   add $25.00
    Game style tables    add $25.00
  • ball return designs   add $25.00 (does not apply to coin operated tables)
Service Department Managercontact@atlantapooltablemovers.comHere at Atlanta Pool Table Movers, we guarantee all of our work. Our service warranty is one full year from date of service and we gaurantee the level of the table for 5 years providing that it does not get moved. Our normal appointment times are at 8 or 9 am and 1 or 2 pm. #1 rated Pool Table Installers Atlanta, GA